5ESS Switch Input Message - OP:ILHB


Software Release: 5E14 and later 
   Command Group: MAINT
     Application: 5 
            Type: Input


Requests the report of the Incoming Line History Block (ILHB) information for Local Area Signaling Services (LASS).


  1. OP:ILHB,DN=aaaaaaaaa;
  2. OP:ILHB,b[,PTY=c];

Explanation of Message

aaaaaaaaaa = Ten-digit Directory Number (DN) of the line.

b = Line equipment numbers.  Valid value(s):

  1. ILEN=d-e-f-g (Integrated Line Equipment Number)
  2. LCEN=d-u-t-j (Line Card Equipment Number)
  3. LCKEN=d-u-i-r-s (Line Circuit Equipment Number)
  4. LEN=d-h-k-l-m-n (Line Equipment Number)
  5. SLEN=d-o-p-q (SLC Line Equipment Number)

c = Party.

For an analog ILEN, LEN, LCEN, or SLEN (refer to RC/V View 1.6 for the specified Office Equipment [OE] number):

For an ISDN LCEN, ILEN, or LCKEN (refer to RC/V View 23.1 for the specified OE number):

System Response

NG = No good.  Valid value(s):

PF = Printout follows.  The request has been accepted and is followed by the OP:ILHB output message.

RL = Retry later.  The request has been denied, probably due to system load.