Bruce Maccabee

"Dr. Maccabee has been a Research Physicist at the Naval Surface Weapons Center in Silver Spring, Maryland since 1972. His work has centered on high power lasers, underwater sound, and the Ballistic Missile Defense. He holds a Ph.D. in Physics from the American University in Washington, D.C. Dr. Maccabee was a member of the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena. In 1975, he joined MUFON and was appointed State Director for Maryland and a Consultant in Photo Analysis and Laser Physics. In 1979, Dr. Maccabee and other ufologists established the Fund for UFO Research, where he continues to serve on the national board. His UFO investigations, include the McMinnville photos of 1950, the Gemini II astronaut photos, the New Zealand sightings, the Japan Airlines sighting, the Gulf Breeze case, and others. In 1993, he provided a briefing paper on UFOs for the President's science advisor. He conducted historical research and was the first to obtain the "flying disc file" for the FBI."

(biographical data from The National Institute for Discovery Sciences)

Maccabee has recently worked with The National Institute for Discovery Sciences, and probably worked with or near Eldon Byrd, as the two both worked at the Naval Surface Weapons Center at the same time.
In an article entitled "The Fund for CIA Research, or Who's Disinforming Who?", the anonymous authors (the Associated Investigators Group) accuse Maccabee of working with the CIA, providing them with information, and letting the CIA affect his leadership in FUFOR. According to the article, Maccabee's main contact with the CIA was through Dr. Christopher Green.
In a written response, Maccabee rebuts that most of his contacts with the CIA have been in the context of his work with the Navy, and are unrelated to his UFO research. He says that he did give CIA employees informal lectures at the request of Ron Pandolfi, but that the CIA has never attempted to influence his research.

"I never contacted any companies. What I did was tell Jack Acuff, Director of NICAP at the time, that I would like to speak to experts in the field of radar. He, in turn, put me in contact with a scientist, Dr. Gordon MacDonald, at the MITRE corporation. I was invited to discuss the NZ sightings with him and several other scientists at MITRE in McLean, Va. and I did (and they generally agreed with my conclusions). Then, a week or so later, I learned that MacDonald had contacted a man at the CIA who contacted me and offered to provide technical consultation if I would provide a briefing to some CIA employees. At first I was leery of doing anything with the CIA, but I knew they had radar experts, so I stipulated that if they would give me some feedback I'd tell them what I know. So I briefed them and I received some helpful comments..."

"After I discussed the NZ case one employee, Dr. Christopher "Kit" Green (KG), invited me to visit the CIA again a week or so later to have a general UFO discussion with him and a couple of other employees..."

"After that last meeting with KG in the spring of 1979 I didn't see him again and had no contact with the agency until June, 1984 when I was contacted by Dr. Ronald Pandolfi regarding my Navy work. He had been tracking developments by the "other side" in that field of research and wanted to know what the US state of the art was."
(Bruce Maccabee's response to the AIR report)

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