Wal-Mart and Walton Are Not What They Seem

Destroying small businesses and transferring American jobs to China




This  Arkansas Huckleberry With A New York Flavor








Wal-Mart Is Just Another Part Of The Zionist NWO

Wal-Mart is the epitome of an Illuminati swindle of the emerging One World Order ( a group of 'Chosen people' will run the planet). Wal-Mart has destroyed countless individual businesses and has championed outsourcing of jobs and manufacturing to China from the beginning. By controlling jobs, you control the people.




Sam Walton...born 1918

Sam Walton is a far cry from the Huckleberry from Mayberry ....Who made it big in a field reserved for Jewish entrepreneurs .

Sam Walton was born in Kingfisher, Oklahoma, graduating from the University of Missouri with an economics degree in 1940. His college fraternity - Alpha Epsilon Pi - gave him the nick-name "Hustler."

Walton avoided WW2 by getting a job at a Du Pont munitions plant near Tulsa, Oklahoma. There, he meets an heiress - Helen Robson - and marries, having a child in 1944. The Robsons arrange an armed forces position where Sam enters Army Intelligence as a officer supervising security for aircraft plants and Prisoner of War camps in California.








Heiress Helen Robson

Robsons are English Jews who were carpetbagger bankers after Civil War.









The company now operates over 5,000 stores and buys a vast share of its merchandise from China. Wal-Mart is rabidly non- union and pays it employees at a scale 33% less than equivilant union employees. It has driven over 100,000 small stores out of business in America...wiping out thousands of downtown shopping districts in small and medium sized cities and towns.

Wal-Mart's stranglehold on suppliers forced them to cut employee wages, close manufacturing facilities and outsource their production to overseas sweatshops.

Despite being a supreme predator, Wal-Mart receives nothing but praise from Zionist Jewish-owned newspapers. During most of Sam Walton's reign, Wal-Mart had a worker turnover rate of an incredible 35-45%. It has driven over 100,000 small stores out of business.









Robson family history

 The Robsons were English Jews. Some skeletons here . The family were carpetbaggers who settled in Georgia after the Civil War. L.S. Robson became a lawyer who financed Walton.









Sam Walton's daughter and the family's Heiress marries a Hebrew

Ann Walton marries E. Stanley Kroenke, a real estate tycoon who owns the NFL St. Louis Rams, the NBA Denver Nuggets and the Colorado Avalanche. Kroenke's partner is Michael Steanberg.










The Nightly Business report with it's nauseating reporters. According to them - Wal-Mart and Sam built America and there just misunderstood country boys.









Department store worker's union

This 1,400,000 member union just can't seem to get a footing. It appears they have giving Wal-Mart a pass. Wal-Mart has 1,300,000 workers that could be organized in a heartbeat.










Illegal aliens

Various states have been flooded with undocumented workers, and they wind up on Medicare rolls.












Who benefits? The associate making $ 7.70 of the Chinese girl making $1.05.

Ask yourself ..... How does Wal-Mart wreak havoc on American businesses, and American jobs, while Zionist/Jewish-owned newspapers and unions have hardly ever said a word?







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