Wal-Mart Executive May Turn State's Evidence?



Bill Coughlin








United Food and Commercial Workers

Why does a union with 1,300,000 members gives Wal-Mart a pass









Wal-Mart has 1,400,000 American employees, and there isn't a union in sight. Bill Coughlin, the #3 man at Wal-Mart, is said to be considering testifying, and it may be about how unions and Wal-Mart colluded in a scheme to avoid unions.

UFCW could sign up 1,000,000 members @ $20 a month and that's $240,000,000 a year in dues. It would cost Wal-Mart at least $ 3 billion a year.

The rumor, that some miscellaneous union rummy took $20,000 to look the other way, is absurd. There is big money involved, and maybe that's what Coughlin is about to sing about.










Douglas Dority  --- President of UFCW

The UFCW wants the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) to obtain any relevant information from Wal-Mart, particularly documents which, according to Coughlin, "substantiate the alleged scheme".

Union sources say "Wal-Mart is a tough nut to crack".

The simple fact is the unions have the muscle and Government connections to organize anyone they want, The entire retail sector has been Jewish since Claes Rosenvelt (Franklin Roosevelt) opened his first New York haberdashery in 1680, and unions have always been controlled by Jewish interests since the days of Samuel Gompers.

Wal-Mart is getting a pass.







Union officers....Front men

Douglas Dority



Joseph Hansen

Sec.- Treas.


Sarah Amos

Exec. V.P.


Michael Leonard

Exec. V.P.


Anthony Perrone

Exec. V.P.



Everything is behind the scenes. The pension and health insurance plans are gold mines. The locals are strictly Jewish -controlled and everyone's relatives are on the payroll.







How Would Unions Organize Wal-Mart?

The AFL-CIO would use friends in news media, teamsters, dock workers, secondary boycotts, suppliers, and so forth. When you have 95% of the employees earning below the government poverty level, than holding an election, and getting the votes, is a snap. 

Who Are These Non-Union Shops?

  • Wal-Mart has 1,300,000
  • Home Depot has 330,000
  • Sears/K-Mart has 380,000
  • Target has 299,000
  • Circuit City has 48,000
  • Costco has 62,000

 That's $600 million a year in dues!







What's The Real Story?

Coughlin got involved in a power struggle, and got ousted. Some of his stock options were held up. and it appears he is willing to go public about the unions, mafia, and Wal-Mart. No doubt he spoke about exposing the whole sordid mess of payoffs, slush funds, mafia relatives on the payroll.

Yahoo Finance Shows He Sold This Stock


Option 386,855 $ 52 $ 20,000,000


Sell 21,818 $50 $  1,000,000


Sell 45,000 $51 $  2,500,000


Sell 281,000 $53 $ 15,000,000







Coughlin Won't Dare Talk.

Whoever replaced John Gotti will handle this.

Waltons, and the unions, aren't about to let this Coughlin run around talking. The unions aren't about to let this fat ass blow their cash cow.

I doubt some Jewish Mafia kingpin is going lose his $10 million cash bonus, and do 50 years in Pelican Bay, because this slug, Coughlin, is mad about stock options.






Employees/Associates Told To "Shut Up"


Take your $7.70 an hour (and lots of badges) and shut up. There aren't going to be any health benefits, pensions or stock options for you. Some Jewish mobster is picking up $10 million to make sure there is no union.








Wal-Mart Health Subsidies

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