Mossad False Flags In Argentina



1992 Bombing

Israeli Embassy - Buenos Aires 






 1994 Bombing

AMIA Building - Buenos Aires











1992 Israeli embassy

March 17, 1992, a car loaded with explosives, smashed into the front of the embassy and detonated (According to the Israeli consul) . Oscar Laborda, an expert for the Supreme Court of Justice,  who later worked for AMIA, confirmed that the explosive was C-4. The American ATF agreed with him.  

The explosion destroyed the embassy, a Catholic church, and a nearby school building. The final death toll was 29 killed, and 242 wounded. Several Israelis died, but most of the victims were Argentine civilians, many children.


The reason for the bombing :... Argentina was installing a nuclear reactor in Syria and selling them Condor II missiles and Israel wanted the deal stopped. Israel would perpetrate a false flag and blow up their embassy in Argentina - appearing the victim and inserting themselves.  This caused the USA, Israel and Argentina to ban together and stop the reactor and missile sale.








1994 AMIA building

The AMIA building was a Jewish cultural center in Buenos Aires The bomb consisted of a truck of ammonia nitrate. The building, a large seven-story place, was leveled.

As a result of the explosion, 85 innocent Argentinean civilians were killed, and 230 were wounded. Once again the casualties were mainly Argentineans and a few Jews.

Jews blame the Iranian and Syrian Hezbollah






Carlos Menem ..Argentine President

Jews accuse Carlos Menem ( born to Syrian immigrant parents ), of taking $ 10 mill to cover for the Iranians. The NY Times reported that Menem, once the toast of official Washington and a current presidential candidate, received the money in a numbered account in a Luxembourg bank with offices in Geneva, Switzerland.

Carlos Menem constantly interfered in the drug trade and Israel wanted him gone. Menem was replaced by a Jewish president Kirschner









Norberto Ceresole exposes Israel as orchestrating the bombings.

He is a political activist, a writer, government advisor and one of the most astute men in South America on Jews. He has been tutored by Faurisson and was well aware of falsehoods of the Holocaust.

Some of his books

  • Jewish fundamentalist terrorism: crisis of "New world order"
  • The falsification of the reality: Argentina in the geopolitical space of the Jewish terrorism
  • The Jewish power in the West and East



The 1992 Israeli Embassy

Extreme security

Ceresole exposed the Israeli Shin Beth as the actual bombers. He shows how Israel controlled the street traffic and the massive damage could only be caused by a bomb that was inside the building and on the ground floor.

Shin Beth had complete security at the embassy and a bomb that size could never be brought in. The Shin Beth also refused to allow any independent investigation of the embassy. Only the Mossad was allowed access to the site.




The 1994 AMIA building

In the AMIA bombing Cresole also showed it was Mossad. This was a textbook example of Jewish fundamentalist terrorism. The immediate, preplanned and coordinated response by Israel and the USA to blame Syria and Iran was too transparent. Ceresole, through various demonstrations, showed that it had to be an inside bomb to reduce a seven story building to ruble. 

This bomb was a duplicate of Oklahoma city, and Ceresole quickly connected the two.

Ceresole, an advisor, was assassinated

He wrote 30 books on geo-political strategy and military sociology, who advocated military party rule in Latin American countries, and who became an advisor to Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez and had ties to Chilean president Salvador Allende and Peruvian nationalist President Juan Velazco Alvarado, died May 11 in Argentina at age 59.





The aftermath -

Israel looks like the poor victim while getting rid of Menem and Cresole. They have focused South American hatred on Syria and Iran. Nestor Kirschner, a wealthy Jew, now becomes the president of Argentina. The country's oil and drug trade is in complete control of the Jews.

 Iran and Syria are labeled a terrorist countries

 Iran yells it  has become a "scapegoat to Zionist conspiracies" and no one hears.

Nestor Kirschner





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