" Obarao Da Cocaina"  -  "The Baron of Cocaine"








Paul Rothstein Was The Model For 'Tony Monyana'







In His Youth He Was A Mossad Agent







Rothstein Was One Of The Munich Assassins






Rothstein Becomes A Drug Baron









Zionists Glamorize A Brutal Thug

Paulo Ferriera Rothstein was a Jewish Brazilian drug baron, who the Zionist media portrays as a double agent. In reality he was just a greasy soulless thug. He set up the South American drug trade, and imported over $10 billion in cocaine.








Paul Rothstein

Paul Lir Alexander aka Paul Rothstein was born in the town of Laguna, Santa Catarina on July 27, 1956.  






A Jewess Mother

He was born to an unwed mother of Jewish origin. His mother later married a railroad worker. The family moved to the suburb of Porto Alegre called Novo Hamburgo






Selling Children As Prostitutes

He came an entrepreneur at an early age, selling slum children to willing tourists.






Rothstein Flees To Israel

When he was 17, he had to flee Brazil to Israel. Paul agreed to join the Israeli Army to get out of prison.






He Becomes Mossad

Israeli Mossad intelligence agency. He was sent to the Midrasha (the Israeli Mossad training academy) where he completed the 6-month training course.






He Winds Up In Prison

After Mossad training school, he was assigned to the Israeli Embassy in Sweden. He was next heard from in Syria when he was captured and Syaret Matkal commandos broke him out of a Syrian jail. This story cannot be substantiated. Paul's discussed a "missing five years" in his Mossad career. He will not say where he was.






The 'Avenging Angels' Of Munich

One of the Mossad used to kill the Palestine team at Munich winds up dead, and Rothstein is called in. The three Jews strip and rape Jeanette the Assassin, next shoot her in both breasts, and Rothstein sticks a gun in her mouth. 








The Zionist Run Wikipedia

They claim Rothstein was a hero who did US dirty work in the Iran-Contra Affair. 







Undercover Mossad In Brazil

After Nicaragua Mossad assigned him to São Paulo, Brasil. His cover set up by Mossad was a "one girl talent agent office." In 1983 his only client was Maria da Graça Meneghel. Maria had been in Playboy magazine's Brazilian edition in December 1982, which led to her being cast in the motion picture Amor Estranho Amor (Love Strange Love, IMDB page) in which she plays a prostitute who seduces a 13 year old boy. Over the next four years he developed her into the rock and roll super star Xuxa.






It's 1987 And He Is Major Supplier

During the mid to late 1980s he lived in North Miami Beach and maintained close ties with the CIA. 






A Yiddish Jet Setter

Rothstein buys a giant yacht and becomes a legend. The hit series Miami Vice was based on his exploits.






Twenty Five Years In Prison

In the early nineties he is arrested and sentenced to  25 years in prison for drug dealing in the United States.






An Angel Over His Shoulder?

Rothsetin importing billions of dollars worth of cocaine into the USA, classifying him as a drug kingpin, which meant the death penalty or life in prison without parole, to be served in some super-maximum-security prison.

He somehow cut a deal with the US Marshal's Service, and was released under the assumption he would be a double age






Zionists Cook A Book

A book, 'Without A Badge' is published, and its says Rothstein was really a hero. 









Rothstein Accused Of An Assassination Plot

He came under investigation in March, 2005 on suspicion of plotting to assassinate then Sheriff Jerry Speziale of Passaic County, New Jersey. No charges were filed.






Rothstein Today

Chertoff says he was deported to Minas Gerais, Brazil, and faces faces drug charges. Most insiders say he sits in Tel Aviv with a fortune of $500 million.









Where Is The Real Truth?

Rothstein was probably born in Israel, and logically served in the IDF, and Mossad. When assigned to his Brazil post he encounter the South American drug trade, quickly became involved, and assassinated his partners.

This entire thing leads back to Israel, because one uneducated Zionist wouldn't have the resources to build, and run, a major operation. And only a state backed operation would allow this creature to avoid prison, and be labeled a double agent.






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