When Wife Swapping Goes Awry

Abraham And Natalee Friedman







 Juerman Blinov And His Wife Inessa







A Stunned Neighbor

That House Needed A Turnstile







The Swapping Scene Backfires

Abe Friedman wants to put some zip in his 10 yr marriage, so he decides to join the swapping scene.  It's fantasyland until his wife gets some good German sauerbraten, and Artie gets served with divorce papers.







Abe Wanted to 'Spice Up' The Marriage

Abe Friedman wanted his wife Natalee to engage in bi-sexual relationships. Trial testimony said he directly (copulated with her partners) and indirectly (sat in the corner pleasuring himself).  The problems arouse when the Mrs. got a taste of heaven.






Natalee Was Young And Sensuous

At trial, Natalie Friedman claims her husband asked her to have sex with other men and women -- including Blinov -- to spice up their relationship.

She supposedly began having feelings for Blinov, prompting her husband to file the lawsuit.






It Starts As Just Innocent Kibitzing

Natalie recalled one night when she and Arthur shared a hot tub with Juerman and two another woman (not Inessa).





A German Boinks The Wife

They all got it on, with Blinov having sex with Natalie, and Arthur enjoying the other lady.






No Perversion Was Off Limits

No doubt the German's wife tied the pudgy Abraham to the wall, and whipped his hinny. Gretchen, the SS guard, was shouting "Rouse Rouse, Schnell Schnell!", as Abbie shouted back 'Nazi Bitch'. What an erotic frenzy.





Abbie Sues The German

A jury spends days listening to these two talking about hot tubs, porn movies, and 'Fat Abbie' choking his chicken as his wife moaned from her Nazi bed partner.






A Zionist Judge Sympathizes

In the end, Abraham was awarded $4,802.87 from German, based on an obscure law that says his wife's love was stolen.








Kids Dying In Iraq For This Garbage

I can just picture that pudgy Zionist wailing on some German girl, reliving the Holocaust, as he screams 'No SS Irma, I will not let you touch me'.



Israel's Gay Heartthrob

Mother and son porn business

Porn King's $12 million mansion

Thailand Sex Vacations

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